Shirley Maclaine interview with Bill O'Reilly.

This is more proof that something is coming our way. I firmly believe that disclosure is upon us. In no other time in televisions history have we seen so many UFO and alien related material. Int his interview Shiley Maclain, author of over 50 books, gives us her views on the UFO phenomena.

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Octavian Peagu January 27, 2012 at 10:16 AM  

"More important to get the Truth than to make Money Shirley"? …yeah right ha, ha, ha. Your most famous OBE in the World, the one from Out on a Limb, is a banal Lucid Dreaming. The key of solving this mystery is that galaxy you saw when you had that famous “OBE” (you traveled with your soul or conscious mind by the Moon). The Galaxies are so far away from Earth and the Moon so close that whatever we see from the Moon we can see from Earth and nobody could see with a naked eye a Galaxy from Earth. I do not deny your experience just that it was not paranormal, it happened only inside your head. By the way the people in the past had Lucid Dreaming too like those from the present time, just that in the past they talked to "God" or "Satan" and they were called prophets...and now they talk to "Star Travelers" and they are called contactees. The sad thing is that all your 13 books are based on "Out on a Limb" philosophy, and I bought them without thinking (shame on me, I graduated polytechnics). Mr O’Reilly you are right and awesome, and thank you for trying to educate the viewers. Octavian

Jose August 21, 2014 at 11:52 PM  

I love Shirley MacLaine. Great Spiritual Teacher. God bless her. God is Love. Spirituality is Knowledge. Spirituality is knowing the Truth. Spirituality means the spirit lives on after death.

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